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Webbing Knowledge

What is a narrow fabric?
Presumably, many people may not know what “narrow fabric” means.According to the definition, "narrow fabric" refers to a fabric with a width of no more than 12 inches (≈30cm), which is woven, knitted, or braiding, with fibers or yarns locking the edges to prevent loosening.
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Webbing Cutting
Webbing is widely used, and processing equipment for webbing also requires a high degree of automation and exquisite effects.
Webbing cutting machine can be roughly divided into:
1. Manual cutting machine
2. Automatic cutting machine -- cold/hot dual-use
3. Ultrasonic cutting machine Traditional webbing
4. Laser cutting machine
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How to identify high-quality webbing?
First of all, see if the texture of the webbing is wrong, and whether the size of the pattern text is correct. Whether the effect of each picture and text is the same as the original or the original picture, it means that this webbing is well woven, because it can meet the customer's needs from the
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Factors determining the output of webbing
1. Mechanical capability of equipment.
2. Everyone's ability to work.
3. Reliability of management and process technology.
4. Quality of materials
5. The size of the order
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Colorfastness of webbing
In the previous article, we introduced how the color of the webbing came from. Let's take a look at the colorfastness. The colorfastness of the fabric is related to the type of fiber, yarn structure, fabric structure, dyeing method, dye and external force.
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Webbing's color
How did the color of the webbing come from?1. Dye before weaveA. The color masterbatch has been added to the yarn at the time of production to directly produce colored yarn. Then weave it into a webbing. Suitable for large orders, such as PP webbing, imitation nylon webbing, polyester webbing.
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What Is Jacquard Webbing?
The jacquard webbing pattern is clear and the grade is high, which can increase the added value of the product and enhance the brand image.
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What affects the color of the webbings?
Different webbing structures (textures) have different surface gloss and brightness. Taking plain, twill, and horizontal structures as examples, due to the relatively gradual decrease in the interweaving points and the number of bends, the float length gradually changes from shorter to longer.
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