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Imitation nylon color catalog.pdf Available colors for Imitation nylon webbing 994KB 61 2020-06-17 download Copy Link Download
Polypropylene (PP) webbing.pdf In-Stock Polypropylene (PP) webbing 3.21MB 49 2020-06-02 download Copy Link Download
Poly-cotton webbing.pdf Poly cotton webbing spot sale, in width of 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", with more than 100 colors. 786KB 60 2020-05-25 download Copy Link Download
CATALOG for Spot Product.pdf In stock product for Imitation nylon webbing, nylon webbing, polyester webbing 4.29MB 79 2020-04-26 download Copy Link Download
Hosto Weaving Ltd. since 2005, has been providing high-quality, innovative Nylon webbing, Polyester webbing, Cotton webbing and Polypropylene to global markets.

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