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Why does it take so long for dyeing webbing proofing?

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The general color webbing proofing time of our factory is 3-5 days. The so-called conventional color: black, coffee, light gray, dark gray. Such as black PP webbing, imitation nylon webbing.


But when it comes to color webbings with color requirements, and we do not have color yarns of this color, we generally provide customers with standard samples for proofing and delivery time is at least one week, especially for webbings to be dyed, that is to say after weaving dyeing, the delivery time is longer, the dyeing time is at least three days, many customers have questions-why does it take so long to proof? Why does it take so long to dye? There are three reasons, and listen to me one by one:


1. Particularity of weaving first and then dyeing webbing production.


Normal nylon-like webbing is yarn-dyed, that is, weaving colored yarn into a ribbon. Because there are thousands of colors, we can't have yarn in any color, so we need to use this white imitation nylon or nylon yarn Weave first and then dye. And these two kinds of yarns are not our common yarns. Although there are yarns for a long time, they are not on the creel for a long time. If you want to do it, you need to change more than 100 yarn balls.


2, Because it is "proofing" restrictions.


Because the color of the webbing below 50KG is generally regarded as "proofing" for the dyeing factory, not to mention the dyeing of the webbing of 10 yards and 8 yards is a loss-making business for the dyeing factory. Although there is a proofing fee, but we are proofing the webbing Similarly, it is also at a loss to help customers proofing.


3. The relationship between the webbing factory and the dyeing factory.


Large orders and large customers will always be valued. Small orders and proofing and dyeing factories all have their principles. It is not that we want them to arrange for dyeing whenever we want them. There is always a first-come-first-served basis, so when there is no list of our turn, we have to wait patiently! It is not that dyeing takes so long, but a long wait, and a proofing fee is required. Dear customers with webbing needs, please pay special attention to this point, it takes patience to wait for the dyeing pattern.


Having said so much, the purpose is to hope that customers can understand that it is not that our webbing manufacturers are unwilling to cooperate or have insufficient capabilities. We will try our best to do what we can, but there are some that we cannot control, we can only help follow up and satisfy customers as much as possible.

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