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Why did the webbing/ribbon choose thermal transfer?

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Thermal transfer webbing is a process of webbing printing

The process method is:

Use the printer to print the pictures that need to be done on the transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to the webbing by the pressing machine.

The advantage of this process is that it is convenient for typesetting, good drawing effect, no pollution, and high colorfastness.

The thermal transfer printing process is widely used in the gift industry, which is basically used in the printing industry, especially in the production of lanyards. This process has low cost and good effect. When printing dot patterns, it has an absolute price advantage, and the thermal transfer lanyard is absolutely environmentally friendly, so it is also widely loved by customers and friends.

The reason for choosing thermal transfer is because of its irreplaceability:

         1. The complexity of patterns

         2. Color layering


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