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What is the screen printing?

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Screen printing, the full name of screen printing, a type of printing process. The silkscreen is used as the plate base, and the screen printing plate with pictures and text is made by a photosensitive plate-making method. Screen printing is composed of five major elements: screen printing plate, scratch plate, ink, printing station, and substrate. (As shown below)

 screen printing

The basic principle of screen printing is that the mesh part of the text can pass through the ink, and the non-graphic part of the mesh cannot pass through the ink. During printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, apply a certain pressure to the ink portion on the screen printing plate with a scraper, and move at a constant speed toward the other end of the screen printing plate. The ink is moved by the scraper from the graphic during the movement part of the mesh is squeezed onto the substrate.

screen printing webbingscreen printing webbingscreen printing webbing

The silkscreen webbing is the most traditional and most common expression in the process of making ribbon LOGO, patterns, letters, numbers, characters, etc. It is printed on the surface of the ribbon by screen printing, and is squeezed by the scraper during printing. The ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part to form the same graphic as the original.


The LOGO, patterns, letters, numbers, and text on the printed webbing have obvious texture, high definition, strong three-dimensional sense, and good adhesion. Silkscreen has a special point: the ink is tightly absorbed on the surface of the webbing, and will not penetrate into the webbing, nor will it fade. The strong anti-rotation performance of silkscreen can keep the luster of silkscreen tape unchanged (the temperature and sunlight have no effect). The silkscreen printing of the lanyard can not only be printed in a single color but also can be used for multi-color register printing or dot-gradation printing.

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