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What is a twisted yarn webbing

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twisted nylon yarn webbing twisted yarn webbing

Twisted yarn webbing refers to the raw material of webbing.

The two sections of the yarn are relatively rotated, and the fibers in the yarn that are originally parallel to the yarn axis are inclined into a spiral.

For short fibers, twisting is mainly to increase the strength of the yarn.

Twisting the filament can not only increase the strength of the yarn, but also produce a three-dimensional effect.

How much the yarn is twisted and the combination of the twist direction and twist of the yarn in the fabric have a greater impact on the appearance and performance of the product. Therefore, the twisted yarn is more expensive than the original drawn yarn.

The twist direction refers to the inclined direction of the fibers in a single yarn or the single yarn in a strand after the yarn is twisted. There are two types of S twist and Z twist, S twist = hand twist, Z twist = back hand twist. Any single strand will twist.

High-strength yarn: refers to yarns that can withstand a tensile force greater than 8 grams / denier. High-strength yarns are suitable for webbing that requires high tensile forces, such as webbing for mountain climbing and webbing for lifting heavy objects.

General tensile yarn: Yarns less than 8g / Danny belong to general tensile yarn, suitable for making ordinary tensile webbing, acting on bags and so on.

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