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What is a narrow fabric?

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Presumably, many people may not know what “Narrow fabric” means.

According to the definition, "Narrow fabric" refers to a fabric with a width of no more than 12 inches (30cm), which is woven, knitted, or braiding, with fibers or yarns locking the edges to prevent loosening. Woven narrow fabric is composed of various raw materials, fibers, width and strength.


Narrow fabrics were initially used in the garment industry on hats, corsets, and lingerie, and bags. Nowadays soldiers will also see narrow fabrics (webbings) in their packback and parachutes as well as their waist belts, helmets, and body armor. If you pay attention to the everyday objects in your life, you will see lots of narrow fabrics, from the seat belts in your car, to the leash you walk your dog on, to the tough fabric edging on your mattress.


Narrow fabric-webbing is a versatile component, ranging from everyday applications (such as backpack straps, car safety and traction belt) to extreme equipment for rock climbing, skydiving and intense military operations. Some common applications and related industries include:

1. Bags, backpacks, tents, strollers, toys, medical equipment


2. Fire safety equipment


3. Car seat belt, trailer belt


4. Used for sports outdoor travel and backpack equipment


5. Military soft equipment, parachute, backpack, cargo binding


6. Personal protective equipment for working at height

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