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What affects the color of the webbings?

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Different webbing structures (textures) have different surface gloss and brightness.


Taking plain, twill, and horizontal structures as examples, due to the relatively gradual decrease in the interweaving points and the number of bends, the float length gradually changes from shorter to longer, so the gloss gradually changes from dim to bright.


The plain structure has no front and back sides, and the twill and cross structure has front and back sides;

The diagonal structure also has diagonal lines to the left or right;


The gloss of different materials and the appearance of dyed yarn cylinders are affected by many factors.


The factors affecting the gloss of the webbing are:Bright nylon webbing

- Webbing thickness;- Material gloss;

- Dye concentration;

- Extinction coefficient of dye fiber polymer;

- Distribution of dye concentration in the material;

- The refractive index ratio of the fiber itself and the impregnating solution used.

Different raw materials and different processes have very different glosses, which are different from each other.


The conditions for the appearance of dyed webbing are:

- Material cross-sectional shape;

- Matting agent present in the material;

- Material surface roughness or smoothness;

- Yarn structure.

In addition, the combination of factors affecting the appearance of different dyed fabrics will produce local gloss differences on the surface of the webbing after dyeing and other treatments.

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