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Webbing's current situation.

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At present, the development speed of webbing products is increasing, the market cycle of new products is constantly compressing, the market pace is accelerating, and the requirements of the apparel industry for webbing industry are constantly increasing. The profit margin is getting smaller and smaller, so the positioning of the product should also be placed on the functionality.


However, due to changes in the market supply and demand pattern, the market share of products that require functionality in the webbing industry continues to increase. It will affect the development of the webbing industry in the following two aspects:


1. The product structure of the webbing industry began to gradually adjust, and the product multi-function ratio was increasing;


2. The production capacity of the webbing industry is expanding too fast, resulting in oversupply. In order to digest the inventory, the company withdraws funds, keeps the factory doing something, and the workers have work to open, forming a vicious price war situation. Business survival is difficult. Because functionality imposes higher requirements on enterprise equipment, technology, and management, it not only requires greater financial support, but also the demand for talent is becoming more and more important.

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