Webbing Cutting

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Webbing is widely used, and processing equipment for webbing also requires a high degree of automation and exquisite effects.

Webbing cutting machine can be roughly divided into:

1. Manual cutting machine

2. Automatic cutting machine-cold / hot dual-use

3. Ultrasonic cutting machine

4. Laser cutting machine

webbing cutting mechine-by hand
webbing cutting mechine-autowebbing cutting mechine-ultrasonic
webbing cutting mechine-laser
         Manual cutting machine   Cold / Hot Auto cutting machine               Ultrasonic cutting machine          Laser cutting machine

Traditional webbing cutting is based on the principles of cold cutting and hot cutting.

1. There will be burrs with shearing or cold cutting, the edges are loose, and the incision is uneven.

2. There are two methods for hot cutting: one is manual cutting, and the other is automatic cutting by machine and computer.


a, Manually use the heating wire heating cutting or boring cutting method, these two cutting belt processing equipment investment is low, but the labor cost is very high, the heating wire will produce a lot of smoke during cutting. The cut surface of the webbing will retain traces of burning, yellowing and coke. If the webbing is too thin, although there is no trace of smoke and coke. However, if the seal is not effective, there will be a virtual edge phenomenon.


b. The machine automatically cuts, the machine comes with a computer chip, which can set the cutting length, quantity, speed, and realize automatic cutting. The equipment investment is relatively high, about US $ 370 / set, and the labor cost will be greatly reduced. The incision is flat, but the sealing effect is general.


In order to improve the above situation, ultrasonic or laser cutting machine can be used to cut the webbing, which can realize automatic cutting, punching, filleting, ultrasonic sealing, no yellowing, no coking, and achieve the desired effect.

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