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Various applications of safety seat belts

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Aerial work

Personal protective equipment to prevent workers in high places from falling or to hang them safely after falling. According to different conditions of use, it can be divided into the following three categories:

   1. Safety belt for surrounding pole operation

      A safety belt that allows the operator's hands to perform other operations by binding the human body around the fixed structure with a rope or belt surrounding the fixed structure.

   2. Area restricted seat belts

       It is used to limit the range of activities of the operator and prevent them from reaching the seat belt where the fall may occur.

   3. Drop and suspend the seat belt

       When working at heights or when a person ascending from the ground falls, hang the safety belt of the operator.


According to different operations and wearing types, it can be divided into full-body seat belts and half-body seat belts:

    1. Full Body Hasty Harness (Full Body Hasty Harness), that is, the seat belt wraps the whole body and is equipped with multiple hanging points on the waist, chest and back. It can generally be disassembled into a half-length seat belt and a chest-type seat belt. The biggest application of full-body seat belts is to enable rescuers to work in a "head-down" way. No need to consider the seat belt slipping. For example, in the rescue of deep wells, rescuers are required to go "head down" and approach the trapped people.

    2. Half body hasty harness (Half Body Hasty Harness), that is, the seat belt only wraps the half body (generally the lower body, but it is like a chest seat belt for the protection of the upper body). Its range of use is relatively narrow compared to full-body seat belts, and is generally used for "seat drape". The parameters of the seat belt are working tension (WS) and blasting tension (BS). According to different standards and manufacturers, the above parameters are also different.



Bungee equipment safety belt

The personal fall protection system is a set of products necessary to connect workers to fixed points, which can completely prevent falling from a height or completely prevent this from happening. The use of these products alone cannot protect against falling. However, if these components can be well combined, they will form a personal fall protection system that is extremely important to the safety of the workplace and the overall fall protection plan. Personal fall protection system products mainly include hanging points, hanging point connectors, intermediate connectors, and body harnesses.



Proper use of car seat belts

    1.Seat belt pre-tightening device When an accident occurs, the person moves forward and the seat moves backward, if the seat belt is too loose at this time. The consequences are likely to be: the occupant slipped out from under the seat belt: or, the person has touched the airbag, and the seat belt is too tight and cannot be tightened in time, that is, it fails to eat in advance as expected Part of the impulse is lost, but the entire burden is given to the airbag. In both cases, the occupant may be seriously injured. But the problem is that the seat belt is properly installed. Where does its room for looseness come from? First, because the occupant's clothes have a certain thickness, and there is also some room for looseness hidden in the seat belt device. This room cannot be eliminated, but it should be eliminated as much as possible when an accident occurs. How to do? For this reason, such a seat belt pre-tightening device has emerged, which is responsible for providing an instant-tightening seat belt.

    2. After the accident of the seat belt tension limiter, the seat belt has been tightened under the action of the pre-tightening device. However, we hope that the tension of the seat belt will be reduced immediately after the peak force has passed to reduce the stress of the occupant. This special task is completed by the seat belt tension limiter: on the seat belt device, there is a In the pre-tightening device, a safety belt is wound underneath. Inside the shaft core is a steel torsion bar. When the load reaches a predetermined condition, the torsion bar starts to twist, which relaxes the seat belt to a certain extent, and realizes the function of restraining the tension of the seat belt. Under the joint action of the seat belt pre-tightening device and the seat belt tension limiter, the protection ability of the seat belt has almost reached the ideal state. The so-called see the spirit in detail, advanced seat belts can indeed provide reliable safety protection for the occupants.

    3.When the car brakes in an emergency, it can bind the driver and passengers to the seat to avoid forward thrust, thereby protecting the driver and passengers from injury caused by the secondary collision.

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