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The difference between nylon webbing and PP webbing

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                                                 nylon webbing & polypropylene

1. Nylon webbing is softer than PP webbing, but because of different weaving, it is difficult to distinguish from softness or feel.


2. Nylon webbing is more shiny than PP webbing. This is an important method of identification.


 3. The difference in burning odor. This is also a very common authentication method. Ignite the webbing and blow it out to smell the smoke.

a. The flame-extinguishing smoke of nylon tape is more pungent and has a celery smell.

b. PP material does not have a pungent smoke smell, and has a very weak sweet taste.


4. PP tapes of the same size and color are cheaper than nylon tapes. PP webbings are woven after dyeing yarn, and most of nylon webbings are dye after weaving. The same specifications are more expensive than white. There are also webbings with different textures, and the unit price is also different.


5. Polyamide fiber with the scientific name of nylon (nylon), which is quickly rolled and melted into a white colloid near the flame, and melts in the flame and drips and foams. There is no flame when burning, and it is difficult to continue burning without the flame, giving off the smell of celery. After cooling, the light brown melt is not easily broken.

Polypropylene fiber with the scientific name of polypropylene (PP), melts near the flame, is flammable, burns slowly from the fire and emits black smoke, the upper end of the flame is yellow, the lower end is blue, and it emits the smell of petroleum. After burning, the ashes are hard round light brown particles. Hand twist is fragile.


Polyester has a scientific name of polyester fiber, which is easy to ignite. It melts near the flame. When it burns, it emits black smoke while melting. It has a yellow flame and emits an aromatic scent. After burning, the ash is a dark-brown hard mass that can be twisted and broken with your hands.

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