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Properties and characteristics of common raw materials for webbing

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Polyester (PET)

1. Strong wear resistance.

2. Poor water absorption, a fixed moisture regain rate of 0.4% (20 degrees Celsius, 65% relative humidity, 0.4g of 100g polyester).

3. Easy to generate static electricity, easy to fluff.

4. Acid and alkali resistance, note: a certain depth of alkali destroys the polyester surface at a certain temperature to make the fabric feel soft.

5. Corrosion resistance and light resistance are better.

6. The fabric made of polyester fiber is not easy to wrinkle, has good dimensional stability, easy to wash and quick dry.

Polyester spinning

1.FDY (Filament): Single fibers are parallel, smooth and even, divided into large and bright, bright and semi-gloss, the extinction brightness is getting weaker and weaker

2.DTY (elastic yarn): single fiber bending, low expansion, fluffy

3. DTY network yarn (low elasticity network yarn): There are staged network points to increase the ability to gather fibers (sub-no mesh, light mesh, medium mesh, heavy mesh, heavy mesh can be used as pulp-free yarn). In general, FDY and DTY must be sized or twisted to make warp

Sizing: increase the strength of the thread, the cohesion between the fibers, make the fiber surface smooth for weaving

Twisting: increase the strength, increase the cohesion between the fibers, so that the fabric has a crepe effect

Twist: (T) The number of twists per centimeter of yarn

For example: 0-10T / CM weak twist,  10-20T / CM medium twist,  20T / CM strong twist

4. POY (pre-oriented yarn): extensible and non-resilient, cannot be used alone as warp or weft, it must be compounded with other yarns and can be extended 1.6 times

5.ATY (air deformed silk): the surface is not smooth, there are loops, the typical fabric: tower velvet

6. Polyester staple fiber: multiple short fibers twisted in the axial direction

7. Polyester slub yarn: twisted by filament yarn and low-elastic yarn, the speed of the elastic ball is slow

8. High elastic yarn: high expansion and contraction, high fluffy

9. Polyester cationic yarn: can produce two-color effect with ordinary polyester yarn, easy to dye, bright color.

Polyamide(PA) or Nylon (N)

1. The strength is very good, even more than the same fineness of steel wire

2. Wear resistance is very good, more than other textile fibers, suitable for sportswear, socks, parachutes, cables

3. Poor water absorption, regular moisture regain rate of 4%, easy to static electricity, fluff, pilling

4. Alkali resistance and acid resistance, 37.5% hydrochloric acid can be dissolved

5. Good corrosion resistance, poor water resistance, poor light resistance and heat resistance, strong yellowing after long exposure

6. Clothing made of nylon is easy to deform and wrinkle easily

Spinning form: main FDY, ATY

Spandex (PU)

Properties: 500-800% elongation, low strength, good sweat resistance, seawater resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, cannot be used alone as warp and weft, must be covered with other silk

Spandex coating mainly includes: empty bag, machine bag

Sea-island composite yarn: It is a composite yarn formed by combining sea-island yarn and high-shrinkage yarn mixed fiber

High shrinkage yarn: The shrinkage rate of boiling water is up to 35% (so the rate of suede is very large)

Sea island yarn: ultrafine fiber, single fiber up to 0.138

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