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Nylon webbing is a strong and durable webbing that is commonly used in the manufacture of shoulder straps, sports products, pet leashes, collars, bag accessories, luggage straps and safety belts. Nylon webbing is suitable for high-wear applications. Continuous use in water is not recommended because it absorbs water quickly and can cause mildew and rot if not noticed. When the webbing reaches its ultimate tensile force, the nylon webbing will also stretch to 120% of its length.

The material of nylon webbing is bright and smooth. Under dry or wet conditions, its elasticity and abrasion resistance are still good, the size is stable, the shrinkage is small, it has the characteristics of straightness, not easy to fold, easy to wash, and fast drying.

Hosto Weaving Ltd. since 2005, has been providing high-quality, innovative Nylon webbing, Polyester webbing, Cotton webbing and Polypropylene to global markets.

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