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Introduction of Hosto webbing machine equipment

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Room temperature dyeing machine

It is mainly used for nylon, rayon and cotton materials. The design of the dyeing tank can make the coloring of the webbing uniform. Without the need to consume a lot of steam, the steam box can produce delicate saturated steam, which can keep the dyeing process stable and avoid water droplet pollution. Washing tanks are equipped with a pressure wheel, water spray washing, and heating.

High-temperature dyeing machine

Mainly used for polyester material, dyeing slot design can make the webbing color uniform, equipped with infrared pre-drying device, high-efficiency tube can quickly heat up, when the machine will automatically withdraw, avoid webbing burned. Solid color in two ways, one for high-temperature solid color wheel contact type solid color; a hot box, concise air box structure, can produce efficient hot air circulation. The wash tank is equipped with a pressure roller, water washing and heating system.

High-speed weaving machine

Heavy belt weaving machine

■ The needle is driven by belt type transmission

■ The harness frame double loading type, double chopper drive

■ The strip-mining of the fixed axis, two groups of coarse flower roller belt

■ The warp control seat device spring, keep the warp tension

■ The strengthening of double edge, so that the fabric selvage is more firm

■ The suitable fabric thick with categories such as: drag harness, safety belt

KFn series

■ It is suitable for manufacturing high quality, high degree of difficulty, many variations of high-speed shuttleless narrow webbing machine, can produce all kinds of elastic and non-elastic band class, for example: chest belt, elastic belt, waistband Curtain tape, adhesive tape, a backpack belt, ribbon, zipper belt, shoelaces, belts... Etc.

■ It can be widely used in clothing, hats, hair ornaments, gifts, medical supplies, belts, gloves, raincoats, shoes, handbags, camera etc..

Hosto Weaving Ltd. since 2005, has been providing high-quality, innovative Nylon webbing, Polyester webbing, Cotton webbing and Polypropylene to global markets.

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