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How to identify high-quality webbing?

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First of all, see if the texture of the webbing is wrong, and whether the size of the pattern text is correct. Whether the effect of each picture and text is the same as the original or the original picture, it means that this webbing is well woven, because it can meet the customer's needs from the picture and text.


Secondly, looking at the color of the webbing, the color is generally selected color system. The color control here is based on the original color number. This is not specifically stated. It can only be judged by the senses. However, if the color is normal, there will be a professional color light to match the color. If it is a clothing type, D65 The lights are colored.


Look at the texture of the webbing again. The texture of the webbing is an important content used to identify the quality of the webbing. Specifically, the psychological response to the feeling of touching the webbing with the hand, due to the different types of webbing, the quality is also different, and the feel effect of the webbing is also quite different. The feel has the following aspects:

1. Whether the webbing is stiff and loose;

2. The smooth and rough surface of the webbing;

3. The softness and rigidity of the webbing;

4, the thin and thick webbing;

5. Whether the surface of the webbing is smooth and whether the selvage is beautiful;

6. Whether the entire ribbon is straight, without bending


Finally, we must test the environmental protection degree of the webbing. Generally, the environmental protection requirements of webbing of different materials are different. We have to go to the designated testing agency to test the environmental protection standards from time to time according to the needs of customers!


The above is my opinion on how to identify high-quality webbing, I hope to help you!

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