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Distinguish between pure cotton webbing and Poly cotton (SP thread) webbing

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Pure cotton webbing  poly cotton webbing

The yarn of pure cotton webbing is made of cotton and does not contain any other sundries. Many webbings are made of pure cotton thread, such as pregnant women and babies' clothing webbing accessories, cotton belts, and cotton shoes. The belts and the like are all made of pure cotton.

Cotton fabrics are traditional thermal insulation materials. Cotton fibers are relatively thin, free of parasitic bacteria, and naturally low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Pure natural renewable resources.

The yarn of pure cotton webbing is made of cotton! The skin of pregnant women and babies is very tender, so most of them use cotton to make clothes for pregnant women and babies. Nylon webbing Pure cotton has good hygroscopicity, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and sanitation. It is an environmentally friendly green product. Cotton is very soft and has no irritation on skin contact. Pure cotton has no odor, no pollution, no bleaching, no additives, very warm and very healthy. The elderly, pregnant women and children will be good, very good.

Disadvantages of pure cotton webbing: 1. Easy to wrinkle 2. Easy to shrink 3. Easy to deform 4 Easy to stick.

Some advantages of cotton, such as hygroscopicity and moisture retention, are mainly targeted at clothing accessories. Some are not important to the weaving belt, and some are even disadvantages; the advantages of polyester are exactly what weave yarns need.

Yarn of cotton-like webbing (SP thread) is, in popular terms, a kind of polyester with polyester fiber added. The invention of cotton-like imitation has promoted the great progress of human textiles, and it also has many advantages. Polyester cotton increases the tenacity of pure cotton yarns, is not easy to break, and has elasticity! Cotton-like yarn just neutralizes the advantages of pure cotton and polyester, depending on the amount of polyester in the cotton.


At present, more than 90% of cotton ribbons on the market are produced by cotton-polyester or polyester-cotton threads, but real pure cotton threads are few in the market and the price is surprisingly high!

Generally, the yarn of the real cotton webbing is added a small amount of polyester to the cotton, so that it can have the advantages of pure cotton and polyester cotton, easy to wash, heat resistant, alkali resistant, moisturizing, hygienic, wear-resistant, and will not shrink. , Not easy to wrinkle, not easy to deform, not easy to stick to hair and so on! The key is the proper proportion of cotton and polyester!

The simplest method for identifying pure cotton webbing and imitation cotton webbing is to take the cut line and burn it. If there is a hard piece, it is a polyester-cotton line containing polyester. If all is turned into ashes, it is authentic pure cotton!

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