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Common Webbing Materials

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Nylon Webbing 

Nylon webbing is a high strength elastic material that is commonly used for belt applications (specifically, flat nylon). This material tends to stretch approximately 2% the length of the webbing when it is wet. Experts warn that nylon webbing should not be exposed to water continuously, as the material tends to absorb liquid and may harbor mildew if it is not maintained properly.

Imitation Nylon Webbing

The imitation nylon material belongs to polyester fiber. And imitation nylon webbing is very similar to pure nylon in appearance and feel.

Advantages: relatively cheap, moisture-proof, mildew-resistant, high-temperature resistance of 200℃, good for anti UV.

Cons: Weight heavy

Polyester Webbing 

Polyester webbing is durable and similar in aesthetic to nylon. This material is suitable for use for applications that require lifting heavy loads. Polyester webbing has low water-absorption and is more mildew and rot-resistant than nylon. This webbing is commonly used in applications including racing harnesses and seatbelts. 

Polypropylene Webbing 

This type of webbing is typically used for outdoor applications. Some products fabricated with this webbing include window nets and plastic bags. Polypropylene webbing is comparable to nylon, though it is generally lighter. Additionally, it is fabricated with U.V. protection and is water resistant. This material is processed in varying degrees of thickness, although it has low abrasion resistance. According to experts, it is most suitable for medium strength operations. 

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